Heavenly Vegan Cocoa Tofu Brownies Recipe

Do you still believe that vegan desserts are bland, tasteless, and boring? Well, think again because I have an amazing recipe that will change your mind about vegan desserts forever! Brace yourselves for my Vegan Cocoa Tofu Brownies Recipe – a decadent treat that is incredibly rich, moist, and fudgy.

These brownies are so unbelievably delicious that even non-vegans will fall in love with them. They are loaded with all the goodness of chocolate and have a melt-in-your-mouth texture that simply cannot be resisted. And the best part? These indulgent treats are 100% plant-based, gluten-free and eggless, making them perfect for vegans, vegetarians and anyone who loves healthy indulgences.

What makes these brownies so special is the secret ingredient – tofu! Using tofu in desserts may sound shocking or weird, but trust me on this one. The dense and creamy texture of silken tofu gives an incredible richness to these brownies, without overpowering the cocoa flavor.

These Vegan Cocoa Tofu Brownies can be easily made at home using simple ingredients like cocoa powder, flour, sugar, vanilla extract, silken tofu, baking powder and a pinch of salt. The recipe is also very easy to customize using your favorite add-ins like chocolate chips, nuts or coconut flakes.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to indulge in some serious chocolaty goodness with my Vegan Cocoa Tofu Brownies Recipe. Prepare to be amazed by how delicious and satisfying plant-based desserts can be!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Vegan Cocoa Tofu Brownies
Vegan Cocoa Tofu Brownies

Fellow dessert-lovers, I am here to tell you that this vegan cocoa tofu brownies recipe is not your average brownie recipe. In fact, it may just be the best brownie recipe out there- vegan or not.

But what makes these brownies so special? Well, let me start from the beginning. First and foremost, they are completely plant-based, meaning you can enjoy this delectable treat without any guilt or harm to animals. But don’t worry, just because they’re vegan doesn’t mean they’re lacking in flavor or texture.

These brownies are fudgy, chocolatey, and decadent- everything a good brownie should be. The secret ingredient- tofu- adds a unique creaminess while keeping the brownies moist and dense. Trust me on this one, you won’t even miss the eggs or butter commonly found in traditional recipes.

But that’s not all. Not only are these brownies delicious, but they are also incredibly easy to make with simple ingredients like cocoa powder, silken tofu, flour and sugar. You don’t have to be a master baker to whip up a batch of these mouthwatering delights.

Whether you’re a long-time vegan or just looking for a tasty alternative to your usual desserts, these vegan cocoa tofu brownies will be your new go-to recipe. So give them a try and join me on team fudgy vegan brownies – you won’t regret it!

Ingredient List

“Indulge guilt-free with these fudgy vegan cocoa tofu brownies”

Here is a list of ingredients you will need to make these vegan cocoa tofu brownies:

Dry Ingredients

  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 3 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 2 cups sugar

Wet Ingredients

  • 8 ounces firm silken tofu
  • 1/2 cup canola oil
  • 1/2 cup non-dairy milk (such as almond or soy milk)
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract

Note: make sure to use firm silken tofu, not soft or regular tofu, for the best texture and consistency.

Optional ingredients: add in some vegan chocolate chips or swirl in some maple syrup for extra sweetness and flavor!

The Recipe How-To

“Get ready to sink your teeth into chocolate heaven”

Now that we have gone through the ingredient list, it is time to get our hands dirty and start making these vegan cocoa tofu brownies. Follow these steps carefully to end up with a batch of delicious, fudgy brownies.

Step 1: Preheat and Prepare

Preheat your oven to 350°F (180°C) and grab an 8×8 baking pan. Grease the bottom and sides of the pan lightly with some coconut oil or cooking spray. This will ensure that the brownies don’t stick to the bottom of the pan.

Step 2: Mix Wet Ingredients

In a mixing bowl, add soft tofu (not firm), vanilla extract, canola oil, and milk. Blend until everything is smooth and creamy.

Step 3: Add Dry Ingredients

Add in all the dry ingredients including, flour, cornstarch, baking powder, salt, unsweetened cocoa powder and mix well. To avoid lumps in your batter, mix the dry ingredients slowly by adding them in batches of three.

Step 4: Blend with Silken Tofu

In another bowl, use a blender or food processor to blend the company’s recommended amount of silken tofu until it becomes smooth. Make sure it’s blended well in order to achieve a rich and fudgy texture.

Then add this mixture into wet ingredients mix you made before while stirring gently. Do not overmix or you’ll incorporate too much air into the batter!

Step 5: Pour Into Baking Pan

Pour your batter into your prepared baking pan and smooth it out using an offset spatula or the back of a spoon.

Step 6: Bake Perfectly

Place your brownies inside your preheated oven on the center rack for about 30-35 minutes. Remove from the oven when a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean but still moist. Let the brownies cool before cutting them into squares and serving.

Now that you’ve gotten down the basic recipe for these amazing vegan cocoa tofu brownies, unleash your creativity by trying out different variants or toppings!

Substitutions and Variations

“Who knew tofu could make such delicious brownies?”

If you’re looking to shake up the recipe or adjust it to your taste and dietary restrictions, there are several options for substitutions and variations.

Firstly, if you’re allergic or intolerant to gluten, feel free to substitute regular flour for a gluten-free mix. You can also substitute the canola oil with coconut oil or vegan butter for added flavor.

For some extra sweetness and a slightly different texture, try swapping out the sugar for maple syrup. This will add natural sweetness and moisture while keeping the recipe vegan-friendly.

Furthermore, if you want to elevate the chocolatey flavor of these fudgy vegan brownies, consider adding in some chocolate chips or even dark chocolate chunks. This will give each bite an enticing burst of sweetness and richness.

Lastly, if you prefer a softer tofu texture, firm silken tofu works well. If you’re unable to find firm silken tofu at the store and only have access to soft or silken tofu, don’t worry! These types of tofu can be blended together with cornstarch for a firmer consistency that’ll hold up in this recipe as well.

Don’t limit yourself – with a little bit of creativity and experimentation, you can make these delicious vegan cocoa tofu brownies your very own masterpiece.

Serving and Pairing

“The perfect treat for your next vegan potluck”

Once your vegan cocoa tofu brownies are ready, it’s time to enjoy them in all their fudgy glory. Whether you’re indulging in a solo treat, serving some dessert after dinner, or hosting a house party, the soft and silky texture of these delectable brownies will make everyone go weak in the knees.

To complement the rich chocolate flavor of these brownies, I recommend pairing them with your favorite vegan ice cream or a glass of plant-based milk. Top them off with some fresh berries or whipped coconut cream for an extra delicious touch. You can also sprinkle some chopped nuts like almonds or walnuts for added crunch and texture.

These vegan cocoa tofu brownies taste best when served warm and fresh out of the oven. However, you can also serve them chilled after cooling them in the refrigerator for a few hours. These brownies will keep well covered at room temperature for up to 3-4 days or you can refrigerate them for up to 1 week.

No matter how you choose to serve these vegan cocoa tofu brownies, they are bound to be a crowd pleaser!

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

“You won’t even miss the eggs and butter in these brownies”

If you’re like me and love planning ahead, you’ll be pleased to know that these vegan cocoa tofu brownies can be made ahead of time! As a matter of fact, I encourage it. They keep fresh in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to four days.

When storing the fudgy vegan brownies, make sure they are completely cooled down to room temperature in the pans prior to transferring them to your container. This will avoid moisture buildup and condensation which would result in unwanted mold.

To reheat your plant-based dessert, simply take out the desired portion(s) and warm them up in a microwave for 10-15 seconds or pop them back into a preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit) for around 5 minutes on a piece of parchment paper. Once reheated, you’ll see that these chocolate brownies still maintain their rich, satisfying texture while preserving their deliciously gooey interior.

You may also try using this recipe for baking ahead of time! Prepare the vegan gluten-free brownies until step 6, but then only bake for half the recommended baking time. This way you can store your brownie mix for an extended period of time and bake only when you’re ready to eat it.

Whether kept fresh as one whole batch, or stored cut into individual servings – this recipe is perfect for satisfying those sweet cravings on-demand.

Tips for Perfect Results

“A chocolate lover’s dream come true”

Finding the perfect texture and taste for brownies can be quite challenging, especially when working with vegan ingredients. Luckily, I have some tips to help you achieve fudgy and delicious vegan cocoa tofu brownies.

1. Use quality ingredients

Choosing the right ingredients is essential in any recipe, and it is particularly important when making vegan brownies. I recommend using high-quality chocolate chips, unsweetened cocoa powder, firm silken tofu, and canola oil for the best results. These ingredients will not only improve the flavor but also help create a smooth and fudgy texture.

2. Blend the tofu mixture well

The tofu mixture is the heart of this recipe, and blending it correctly is crucial to achieve the right consistency. Make sure to blend the firm silken tofu together with other wet ingredients such as canola oil and milk until smooth before mixing in the dry ones. This step will ensure that there are no lumps of tofu in your brownies.

3. Do not over mix

While it’s important to combine all ingredients thoroughly when making brownies, overmixing can result in tough and dry baked goods. Mix your batter until just combined to avoid activating too much gluten formation in your flour.

4. Use parchment paper

Using parchment paper when baking your vegan cocoa tofu brownies is recommended. It prevents sticking and makes removing them from their baking pan much easier.

5. Do not overbake

Overbaking might sound counterintuitive when making baked goods, but it’s especially important to avoid with these plant-based treats. The ideal baking time for these vegan brownies depends on your oven temperature: at 350°F (180°C), 20-22 minutes usually works best.

6. Let them cool completely

It’s tempting to try your freshly baked vegan cocoa tofu brownies right away, but let them sit for about 20-30 minutes for optimal flavor and texture development

By following these tips, you’ll have perfect results every time with these fantastic fudgy vegan cocoa tofu brownies that will satisfy any chocolate lover’s craving!


Before we get to the FAQ section, let’s review all the essential aspects of this vegan cocoa tofu brownies recipe. We’ve covered why you’ll love it, the list of ingredients, how to prepare it perfectly at home, several ways to adjust it to your personal preferences, tips for guaranteed results and serving suggestions. Now let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions about this fudgy and decadent dessert.

What is the secret to extra moist brownies?

For an even richer and more flavorful brownie, opt for milk instead of water. Its higher fat content will give your brownies a delectable gooeyness and moisture that will make them all the more enjoyable.

What happens if you add cocoa powder to brownie mix?

For all the brownie lovers out there who crave a fudgy, chocolate-filled treat without any additions, here’s a little hack for an extra dose of chocolate flavor. Just add some more cocoa powder to the batter and you’ll end up with a delightfully dense and rich creation that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Why are my vegan brownies crumbly?

When making brownies, it’s common to worry about them being too dry or falling apart. A major culprit for this is excessive mixing of the batter, which can disturb the balance of ingredients. It’s important to mix the ingredients only until they are properly combined and there are no lumps or clumps. Additionally, when baking the brownies, be sure not to overdo it as they will continue to cook in the pan as they cool.

Can I substitute cocoa powder for brownie mix?

When making fudgy brownies, it is common to use a higher amount of fat in relation to flour. One way to reduce added sugar and fat is to switch from cocoa powder to high-quality, semisweet chocolate as a substitute in brownie recipes.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, these vegan cocoa tofu brownies are a must-try for anyone who loves chocolatey desserts. Not only are they fudgy and satisfyingly rich, but they’re also vegan and gluten-free, making them a great option for people with dietary restrictions. By using silken tofu as the main ingredient, these brownies achieve a delightful texture that’s both soft and chewy.

So why not give this recipe a try? With its detailed instructions and helpful tips, you’ll be able to create perfect brownies without any trouble. Plus, by swapping out traditional ingredients like eggs and butter for plant-based substitutes, you’ll be able to enjoy your dessert guilt-free while also doing something kind for the environment.

Whether you’re hosting a potluck or just looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, these vegan cocoa tofu brownies are sure to become a new favorite in your household. So go ahead and give them a try—you won’t regret it!

Vegan Cocoa Tofu Brownies

Vegan Cocoa Tofu Brownies Recipe

This recipe comes from I.C.Moskowitz's and T.H.Romero's lovely book "Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar" and is just wonderful! Its chocolatey, fudgy and yummy! Mmmm! 🙂 Feel free to add in chopped nuts, chocolate chips or coconut flakes. Ive also posted a healthified version of this recipe for those of us watching their weight.
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Prep Time 12 mins
Cook Time 25 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine Vegan
Servings 12 brownies
Calories 203.2 kcal


  • 3 ounces firm silken tofu
  • 1/4 cup non-dairy milk (like e.g. soy)
  • 1/2 cup canola oil
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt


  • Puree the tofu, non-dairy milk and oil until smooth and fluffy. Transfer to a mixing bowl. Use a fork to vigorously mix in the sugar and vanilla.
  • Sift in flour, cocoa powder, cornstarch, baking powder and salt.
  • Use a spatula to mix batter until smooth. Transfer to an 8X8 greased baking pan and smooth out the top.
  • Bake in the preheated oven at 325°F/150°C for 25 minutes or until set.
  • Remove from the oven and let the brownies cool for at least 15 minutes before slicing and serving.
  • Enjoy.

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Serving: 644gCalories: 203.2kcalCarbohydrates: 27.8gProtein: 2.4gFat: 10.1gSaturated Fat: 1.1gCholesterol: 0.7mgSodium: 118.3mgFiber: 1.5gSugar: 16.9g
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