Healthy and Delicious Vegetarian Oyster Sauce Recipe

Greetings food enthusiasts! Today, I am excited to share with you a recipe that is sure to tantalize your taste buds – Vegetarian Oyster Sauce by Bryanna Grogan.

As a vegan chef, Bryanna Grogan has always been passionate about creating healthy and flavorful vegan alternatives to traditional dishes. Her recipe for Vegetarian Oyster Sauce is no exception, offering all the savory umami flavor of traditional oyster sauce without the use of actual oysters.

This sauce is truly versatile, suitable for use in a wide range of dishes, from classic Chinese stir-fries to vegan Thanksgiving recipes. Its authenticity is further brought out by the addition of soy sauce and miso, lending it a robust depth of flavor that is simply irresistible.

Whether you’re looking to spice up your vegan feast or add an authentic touch to your Chinese cuisine, this Vegetarian Oyster Sauce by Bryanna Grogan will undoubtedly become a staple in your kitchen. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the recipe and get cooking!

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

Vegetarian Oyster Sauce by Byranna Grogan
Vegetarian Oyster Sauce by Byranna Grogan

Are you looking for a flavorful, yet vegetarian-friendly sauce that can elevate your dishes to the next level? Look no further than this Vegetarian Oyster Sauce recipe by Byranna Grogan. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.

While traditional oyster sauce is a beloved staple in authentic Chinese cuisine, this vegetarian twist on the classic offers all the savory umami flavor, without any of the shellfish. By using miso paste, dark soy sauce, and a touch of brown sugar, this sauce packs a punch of flavor that is sure to impress.

Not only does this sauce taste great, but it’s also incredibly versatile. It’s perfect for stir-fries, dipping sauces, marinades, and even vegetarian Thanksgiving dishes. You’ll love how easy it is to add flavor to any meal with just a spoonful of this delicious Vegetarian Oyster Sauce.

So go ahead and give this Bryanna Grogan recipe a try. Your taste buds will be indulged with mouth-watering flavors and you’ll join the ranks of fellow foodies who swear by the magic of vegetarian oyster sauce.

Ingredient List

“Satisfy your umami craving with this vegetarian oyster sauce!”

Before diving into the recipe, let’s take a look at what ingredients you’ll need to create this delectable Vegetarian Oyster Sauce. Don’t worry, the ingredients are easy to find and you may already have them on hand!

  • Miso: This fermented soybean paste adds depth and umami flavors to the sauce.
  • Dark Soy Sauce: This thicker and less salty soy sauce is a key ingredient to achieve the dark color of the sauce.
  • Brown Sugar: Adding sweetness and balancing out the saltiness of the soy sauce.
  • Cornstarch: This will thicken up the sauce to your desired consistency.
  • Cold Water and Boiling Water: Used both for dissolving cornstarch and miso respectively.
  • Vegetarian Oyster Sauce: The star of this recipe! Make sure you purchase the vegetarian version as it’s made from mushrooms instead of oysters.

Note that all ingredients are vegetarian-friendly so you can fully enjoy this dish as part of your vegan feast or vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes collection!

The Recipe How-To

“Bring out the best in your stir-fry dishes with a flavorful vegetarian sauce!”

Now that you have all the necessary ingredients for this wonderful Vegetarian Oyster Sauce recipe, let’s start creating this amazing sauce that will undoubtedly impress everyone who tastes it.


  1. In a small mixing bowl, add 2 tbsp of cornstarch and 2 tbsp of cold water. Mix well until the cornstarch has completely dissolved.

  2. In a medium-sized pot or saucepan, bring 1 cup of boiling water to a boil and reduce heat to low.

  3. Add 3 tbsp of brown sugar, 3 tbsp of dark soy sauce, and 1 heaped tbsp of miso paste to the pot or saucepan. Whisk the mixture thoroughly until everything is well combined.

  4. Now add the cornstarch mixture and continue whisking vigorously until the mixture thickens, for about 5 minutes.

  5. One tablespoon at a time, gradually stir in more cold water until you’ve reached your desired consistency.

  6. Finally, add 2 tbsp of Vegetarian Oyster Sauce by Bryanna Grogan Recipe, whisking constantly as you add it.

  7. Allow the mixture to simmer gently for another two minutes and then remove it from the heat source.

Congratulations! You’ve created your delectable vegan version of oyster sauce! Remember that this homemade version is healthier and completely plant-based, compared to its traditional counterpart that contains shellfish extract!

Substitutions and Variations

“Get ready to level up your vegan cuisine game with this homemade sauce!”

Are you looking to add a personal touch to this Vegetarian Oyster Sauce recipe? Well, you are in the right place. In this section, we will discuss some of the substitutions and variations you can make to cater to your specific preferences.

If you cannot find miso at your grocery store, you can use soy sauce instead, though it will have a slightly different flavor. If you want a gluten-free recipe, replace the dark soy sauce with tamari sauce. You can also use light soy sauce if you want a milder flavor.

For those who can’t find brown sugar, maple syrup or honey works as an excellent substitute. However, be aware that this will affect the flavour of the sauce.

If cornstarch is not available to you, tapioca starch or potato starch are fantastic alternatives. You can use agar powder in place of cornstarch to make this dish completely gluten-free and vegan.

Here’s another variation worth a try: for an Indonesian twist on this dish, add some sambal oelek or kecap manis for extra spice and sweetness. If you enjoy a more tropical taste to your cooking, try adding in some coconut milk.

Lastly, experiment with different herbs and spices like dried parsley, oregano or thyme when preparing the dish. Alternatively, try seasoning with garlic powder or onion powder for an extra boost of taste.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with this Vegetarian Oyster Sauce recipe. It all starts with understanding how swapping one ingredient can change the overall taste profile of the final product. Enjoy!

Serving and Pairing

“Who needs oysters when you have this delicious plant-based alternative?”

Now that you have your delicious vegetarian oyster sauce, it’s time to serve and enjoy it! This versatile sauce pairs perfectly with a range of dishes, making it a staple in your recipe collection. Its umami-rich flavor complements any vegetable, protein, or grain dish.

For a comforting and hearty meal, try pairing this oyster sauce with roasted or stir-fried vegetables like broccoli, bok choy, or green beans. You can also use it as a marinade for tofu, tempeh, or seitan before grilling or baking.

If you’re in the mood for some authentic Chinese cuisine, how about trying your hand at cooking paht si yu (stir-fried fish in hot sauce)? Swap out traditional oyster sauce for this vegetarian version for a mouthwatering twist on a classic dish. Or add this sauce as a finishing touch to your favorite stir-fried dishes like chow mein or fried rice.

Vegetarian oyster sauce is also an excellent ingredient for vegan Thanksgiving recipes! It adds depth and complexity to gravies and glazes without the use of animal products. If you’re hosting a vegan feast this year, consider using this sauce to upgrade your side dishes, such as Brussels sprouts or roasted sweet potatoes.

There’s no limit to the ways you can use vegetarian oyster sauce in your kitchen. So let your creativity run wild and discover new delicious pairing ideas!

Make-Ahead, Storing and Reheating

“Impress your guests with a homemade vegetarian oyster sauce.”

This Vegetarian Oyster Sauce recipe by Byranna Grogan is a perfect make-ahead sauce recipe for busy weekdays or weekends. The good news is that it can be made up to three days in advance and stored in an airtight container in your refrigerator, which makes it easier to reheat when needed.

When storing the sauce, make sure to let it cool down completely to room temperature before placing it in the container. It’s important to note that the sauce thickens as it cools, so don’t be surprised if the consistency changes when you pull it out of the fridge. If you plan on storing the sauce for longer than three days, consider freezing it. This sauce freezes well for up to three months.

Reheating the Vegetarian Oyster Sauce is easy and straightforward. Simply pour the required amount of cold water into a pan, add the boiled sauce and warm over medium heat, stirring frequently until it reaches your desired consistency and temperature. To thin out the sauce without diluting its flavor, add more cold water one tablespoon at a time until you achieve your desired consistency.

If you don’t want to reheat the whole batch of sauce at once, consider using heated water (not boiling) instead of cold water when reheating only what you need.

This versatile Vegetarian Oyster Sauce is an excellent addition to stir-fries, noodles, sandwiches or used as a dipping sauce for savory dishes. Its make-ahead and storing capability adds convenience to any vegan feast or Chinese cuisine inspired menu.

Tips for Perfect Results

“Add a pop of flavor to your noodles or rice with this savory sauce.”

It’s important to pay attention to certain details when making Vegetarian Oyster Sauce by Bryanna Grogan recipe. Here are some tips that can help you achieve perfect results.

First, make sure to dissolve the cornstarch completely in cold water before adding it to the mixture. This will prevent lumps from forming and ensure a smooth consistency.

Secondly, use dark soy sauce instead of regular soy sauce as it provides a richer flavor and darker color.

Another tip is to adjust the sweetness level of the sauce by adding more or less brown sugar based on your personal preference. A good starting point is 1 tbsp of brown sugar, but feel free to add more for a sweeter taste.

To get the closest taste to authentic Chinese cuisine, use miso paste instead of vegetable bouillon or stock. This adds a subtle umami flavor to the sauce.

When boiling the mixture, reduce it until it thickens and becomes syrupy. This will intensify the flavors and give it a lustrous shine. Be careful not to overcook and burn the sauce.

Lastly, let the boiled sauce cool down before transferring it into an air-tight jar or container. You can refrigerate it for up to one month and use it for various dishes such as stir-fries, marinades, and dipping sauces.

Follow these tips and enjoy your homemade Vegetarian Oyster Sauce by Bryanna Grogan recipe on your vegan feast or vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes.


Before we wrap this up, let’s go through some frequently asked questions that might help you out with this recipe. Whether you’re a pro in the kitchen or just starting out, these answers can get you on track for perfect results. So without further ado, here are some common inquiries about the Vegetarian Oyster Sauce by Bryanna Grogan recipe.

What’s the difference between oyster sauce and vegetarian oyster sauce?

Vegetarian oyster sauce is a sauce that has no oyster extracts or other animal ingredients. It is similar to regular oyster sauce in its color and texture. The sauce is made from mushrooms and seasonings.

What is a vegetarian option for oyster sauce?

If you’re looking for a vegan alternative to oyster sauce, soy sauce is a practical option that can be found in most kitchens. Not only is it widely available, but it’s also a versatile ingredient that can easily replace oyster sauce in many recipes.

Does vegetarian oyster sauce have seafood in it?

Our oyster sauce alternative is entirely plant-based with a distinct oyster flavor. However, it’s critical to note that traces of fish and mollusks may still be present in the product due to the manufacturing process. As a result, we do not label our Vegetarian Oyster Sauce as “shell-fish free.”

Bottom Line

Consider indulging in the flavors of authentic Chinese cuisine with this Vegetarian Oyster Sauce recipe by Byranna Grogan. Whether you’re vegan or a meat-eater trying to cut down on your consumption, this sauce is versatile and delicious enough to make any dish pop. With simple substitutions and variations, it’s easy to customize this recipe according to your taste.

By making your vegetarian oyster sauce at home, you can appreciate the authenticity of your dishes without compromising your beliefs about food. Its flavor is undeniably superior to store-bought versions and can be stored for future uses.

There is no need to wait long for Thanksgiving Day because every day is a great day for a vegan feast! Why not try this Vegetarian Oyster Sauce recipe and surprise your guests with its rich taste and depth? If you’re planning on having a family dinner, make sure to incorporate this essential ingredient into your dishes. Trust us— your loved ones will thank you later.

Try experimenting with different ingredients to create your own version of gourmet sauces. With persistence and commitment, you’ll undoubtedly become a master in creating flavorful vegetarian dishes. Remember that great cooking begins with great ingredients, so use the best possible ones that you can find.

In conclusion, the Vegetarian Oyster Sauce recipe by Byranna Grogan is an exceptional way to enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine without having to compromise your vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Give it a try and experience the bold flavors of Chinese cuisine in the comfort of your own kitchen!

Vegetarian Oyster Sauce by Byranna Grogan

Vegetarian Oyster Sauce by Byranna Grogan Recipe

Oyster Sauce isn't vegetarian. It's got oysters. However Pink Cherry Blossom posted one version and here is a second for the Vegetarian version of it. Or if you can find it in the store, just buy it. But in case you want to try making your own...
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Cook Time 10 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine Vegetarian
Servings 1 cup
Calories 2.5 kcal


  • 1 hugli mushroom stock cubes
  • 1/2 cup boiling water
  • 2 2 tablespoons dark soy sauce or 2 tablespoons chickpea miso
  • 1 tablespoon sucanat or 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon cornstarch
  • 1 teaspoon cold water


  • Dissolve the cornstarch in the cold water.
  • Dissolve the broth cube in the boiling water.
  • Mix with the sauce and the sugar in small saucepan and heat to boiling.
  • Add the dissolved corn starch and stir until it thickens.
  • Cool and store in covered jar.

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Serving: 31gCalories: 2.5kcalCarbohydrates: 0.6gSodium: 0.7mg
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